I've been a fan of boxcar art for a long time now. Since 1994 I've been taking pictures of this work spotted here in Southern California. Any other fans or those who would like to contact me please feel free to do so by emailing michaelpoulin@boxcarart.com or on the AOL Instant Messenger at herbylives.


If you catch the exact same sketch with same date and or caption that I did even if it's on different car please feel free to add it below my photograph so we know where it's gone. For example it's pretty cool seeing the same exact Colossus of Roads caption but on different color cars.


NFHA...Always on the HUNT


My account here is now the home for the archives of boxcarart.com(my original site online established in 1999).


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If I hadn't stumbled upon Michael's photos, I might never had had had the drive to join in the search for amazing art on the train. thanks for keeping me inspired.

October 23, 2007