I like people to hunt around a bit to discover who I am. I have a blog, a Twitter account and my professional life has been revolving around social media for the last four years (consulting, speaking, training, writing... you name it).


That should get you started :-)


Stephanie Booth. Get yours at flagrantdisregard.com/flickr


If, like quite a few people, you think it's a shame my good photographs are buried in the huge quantity of crap shots I post to Flickr, you do have a point. However, I would recommend you start with the sets page (the best photos are in the sets, and I even have a collection of my favourites). If that's not enough, you can also have a look at those which come out top in Flickr's popularity contest: my most interesting (supposedly) photographs.




Ceci est ma collection d'albums photos en ligne. Elle ne fait pas directement partie de mon site, même si elle peut en être considéré comme une extension.


Je prends beaucoup de photos, un peu paparazzi, un peu mitraillette, parce que j'aime ça.


Dans Digital Crumble vous trouverez choses et autres glanées sur le web ou aux alentours. Pour lire ce que j'écris, voir Climb to the Stars et mon site professionel.


Old photos: climbtothestars.org/dumps/

Videos: www.dailymotion.com/steph


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or vertaling Duits Nederlands

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Stephanie m'a fait découvrir la voie du wiki. A very nice WikiMistress ;-) Depuis je suis accro-wiki !

September 15, 2006

She's the glue that binds Web 2.0

March 11, 2006