I got my first DSLR in the summer of 2012. It has been my window to the world. I see things I never noticed before; I go places I never went before. I’m interested in photographing all sorts of things - from Pittsburgh’s colorful neighborhoods, to wonderful old cemeteries, to the beauty of a single flower. I’m fascinated by how light changes because of atmospheric conditions or with the seasons. Sometimes I can spend an entire afternoon just photographing houses and entryways. I think of my Flickr account as a blog with few words. When I’m not out and about with a camera, I’m often at the Animal Rescue League photographing adoptable cats for their website. I've been doing that for over a decade.


I’m lucky enough to be retired and I am not a morning person. Consequently I have spent many sleepless late nights browsing through photos on Flickr and I am amazed at the talent out there. I’m a member of the New Kensington Camera Club, a wonderful welcoming group of very talented people, some of whom have been professional photographers for decades, yet they put up with the likes of me and my desire to create with my camera.


I truly value any comments or faves that you chose to leave on my photos; and if I comment or fave any of yours, I am sincere. I love to see new names appear on my photos, because that means I have found a new world of photos to explore. Thank you for visiting!

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