With a few exceptions, the majority of my photos are published with the Creative Commons Attribution, Noncommercial, No Derivative Works license. If you are interested in using my photos under different license terms — commercial use, derivative works, et cetera — please contact me, and I would be happy to talk to you about alternative arrangements.


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I only sort of know what I'm doing here. Like everyone else, all I can do is try to learn, learn, learn. The best thing about Flickr is that there are so very many talented people posting great stuff. Hopefully some of my photos are okay, too :-)


Aside from the obvious photo subject (family), I enjoy travel photography, so big chunks of my photostream are of trips taken within the US or abroad to Europe or other places. Nearly all the photos are geotagged, so look for the "map" link over on the side and it'll show where, to the best of my memory, the photo was taken. One good way to browse these photos is from the Places collection, which contains a bunch of photo sets that automatically collect groups of photos from various places, e.g. London, Switzerland, Cape Cod, etc.


Dates on the scanned photos from the old Nikkormats & Polaroids tend to be best guesses, but who's counting? Dates from digital cameras should be accurate, of course. As with the geotags, you can use the Dates collection to browse sets by year.


I have my photostream set so that in most cases, any Flickr members can add tags to my photos. As long as contributed tags are useful in some way -- describes some aspect of the photo, or at least says something pithy about it, and isn't broadly offensive or unconstructive -- then I encourage visitor-contributed tagging. (Every now and then I'm getting a "please tag this as Foo" comment on something I've posted; If you think it should have a Foo tag, by all means go ahead and click the link on the right to add that Foo tag, I don't mind.)


I don't have much interest in the "digital darkroom" side of things, so for the most part, what you see here is what came off the camera, with at most some light color correction in iPhoto. If I do do anything beyond that, I like to make it blisteringly obvious. I find the vast majority -- no, not yours, but the stuff from those other people -- of e.g. HDR processed photos to be tedious and annoying, reducing everything to Thomas Kinkaid "painter of light" pablum, so I stay away from that.


A random sampling of some of my favorites, in no particular order:


Baby bird in the driveway

Baby bird in the driveway by Chris Devers


My first son as an infant:

Isaac yawns. Eight days old. by Chris Devers


Neuschwanstein castle in Germany:

Europe 1996 r5 03 Germany, Neuschwanstein Castle seen from a distance by Chris Devers


Mist over the Charles River in Boston:

Mist over the Charles River, December 2008: Looking downstream from Watertown towards Allston-Brighton by Chris Devers


Boston Public Garden Lagoon at night:

Boston reflected in the Public Garden Lagoon at night by Chris Devers


Longest row of mailboxes in California, near Muir Woods:

Longest row of mailboxes in California by Chris Devers


Sunset over Provincetown, MA:

Provincetown: Sun setting over downtown by Chris Devers


An evening street scene in Prague:

Prague 2002: night time street view of people, a tram, etc; I like this one by Chris Devers


Fireworks over Scituate, MA:

Fireworks over Scituate Harbor boats by Chris Devers


Afternoon light through the dock buildings at Black Falcon Terminal, Boston:

Black Falcon Terminal skyways at dusk (detail) by Chris Devers


Stratocaster guitars:

Fender Stratocaster electric guitars at Scituate Music Company near the harborfront (no flash) by Chris Devers


Photomontage of the Eiffel Tower, Paris:

Paris Honeymoon 2003: Eiffel Tower montage (up) by Chris Devers


Amanda Palmer performing with the Boston Pops at Symphony Hall:

Amanda Palmer with Boston Pops by Chris Devers


Chris Devers. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr


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