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I am the person who loves to capture between 4 corners and a strong believer in learning curve. Flickr community is a great place to learn from others and I love it. I am more inclined towards “colorful” shots and landscapes; but also love any thing creative while composing. I will try maximum during composition time but some times crop the image to get the feel I want. Post processing is a big discussion all together, I use irfanview, picasa, photoshop, gimp, ufraw for various purposes which include organizing, cropping, copyright embossing, framing, selective coloring and RAW to jpg conversion.


My equipment


***Two eyes and a brain

* Pentax K-5 (May 2012)

* Pentax K100D super dSLR

* Pentax Z-20 SLR


* Pentax SMC-FA Zoom 28-200mm f/3,8-5.6 AL (IF)

* Pentax SMC A 50mm 1.7 (January 2008 )

* Pentax SMC 300/f4 (September 2008) Sold March 2012

* Super Takumar 28/3.5 ( March 2009)

* Asahi Pentax Macro Takumar 50/4.0 (April 2009)

* Industar 50/3.5 Russian pancake lens (April 2009)

* SMC Pentax 1.7x Adapter (May 2009)

* Vivitar (Komine made) 135/2.8 ( August 2009) CZJ won the war.

* Carl Zeiss Jena MC 135/3.5 (August 2009)

* Pentax DA 16-45/f4 ED AL (October 2009)

* Fish-eye Takumar 17/f4 (March 2010)

* Super Takumar 35/3.5 (March 2011)

* Pentax SMC P-DA 300/f4 ED (IF) SDM (April 2012)


* Pentax AF220T flash


* Canon A520 point n shoot camera


* M42 adapter, Cokin filters, generic extension tubes, reversal ring and a tripod (Benro C1681)


Feel free to comment on my photos and I would love to hear constructive criticism.


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