I am Diego Calderon-Franco from Colombia; I am a biologist and have worked/researched extensively on birds (exploration of Colombia, natural history of birds (manakins, owls, hummers, tanagers, etc), a bit of systematics, bird sounds recording, among much other stuff). I have been birding in the Choco and Caribbean lowlands, the Andes, the Interandean Valleys, the Amazon, and the Llanos of Colombia since 2000 (also Venezuela, Ecuador, Honduras and Mexico thoroughly, as well as in USA and Ireland). I live up in the Central Andes in the charming Medellin city but go everywhere in Colombia for the birds. I am the owner and manager of COLOMBIA Birding (www.colombiabirding.com) which I have used to offer and carry out successful birding trips since mid 2007. If you want to see almost 70 endemic species, several of the recently stunning new species described for science, the astonishing Colombian landscapes and feeling the warmth of the Colombia people, just email me and let’s plan something for you to come!!! - Would you like to come for birding in a specific Colombian region or habitat? Would you like to come to look only for endemic or threatened species? Would you like to come for a full Colombia birding trip? Just let us know your wishes and how many days you have to spend in this stunning (and safer every day) country, and we will customize a trip for you! – Individual persons coming for a short stay or in business trips for few days, or looking for long tours are welcome. I speak English and Spanish and a bit of Portuguese. On average, daily fees for most trips are around US100.00/person/day and the birding crew should cover trip expenses; anyway, we have a wide range of prices depending on places, time, number of days and number of birders, etc… – I am looking forward to have you here birding in this amazing country!!!

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