I'm a typical Mexican. Except that I can't play soccer, don't like mariachis all that much, and can't stand banda, norteño, or anything with shrill accordions and mindless snare drums. Also, I have a hard time at taquerías convincing the waiter to let me have the real hot salsa, because alas, I kind of look like a gringo. Only shorter and rather Spanish-speaking.


Speaking of which...


¡Viva México, cabrones!


Visite La Mengambrea para harto material de lectura en español, con ilustraciones y toda la onda.


Btw, half the pictures in this account, maybe more, likely the better ones, were taken by my lovely wife. It's just that I beat her to Flickr. And that we share the camera, so we don't really know who took what... but here's a tip: if you see my ugly mug in a picture, that one is probably not mine.

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