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I´m 29, half-brazilian, half-italian, married to my lovely aussie hubby.

Currently in the process of establishing my photography business.


I have lived in London for 8 months where I met the hubby back in 2005. Worked as a nanny at first and then as a waitress at GBK- Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Soho (YUM!)


Lived also in Italy, in a cute little village called Le Piastre, Tuscany. The population was around 300 people, which was quite a shock to someone who grew up in a city where we are more than 10 millions!! (São Paulo, Brasil)


What does the Zoadiac says about me?


Venus as the goddess of beauty, love and justice rules Libra, and while the Sun is in this sign, we marvel at the colors and bountiful harvest that the earth has produced. Libra people are artistic by nature, and they can develop their talents in at least two ways. If they don't become involved in the creative arts, they might develop the "art" of negotiation instead. The Libran's compulsion to take in the big picture and evaluate every side of an issue makes this sign extremely social - if a bit indecisive. They feel that by choosing one alternative, they'll miss out on another.

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