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I'm on Twitter : @thefunkyman

and on soundcloud: soundcloud.com/thefunkyman/tracks


I used to take picture walking down the streets, not thinking much about what angle is best. Now that my eye is used to analysing photos on flickr, i know i have to make sure some angles are better, etc. Especially with my new camera (Nikon D90 & EOS 400D), i try to get really better results.


I usually don't add effects to my pictures, what you see is what my camera shoots directly.


I want people to see my pictures; I want to see theirs, their life, the way they express themselves through photography.

Funny to see how we may have same ideas..


My cameras:

-Nikon D90

- Sony DSC-HX10V


- Panasonic Lumix TZ7

- Canon Powershot A95

- Canon EOS 400D (lenses: Canon 10-22, Canon 18-55 & Sigma 70-300)


I used to use my Fisheye by Kenko


If by any chance you should have any use of any picture of mine for anyhting, please let me know about it, or just ask me...


Look me up on YouTube as funkydjou

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