Photography is a great passion, I have been taking photos since I was 15 years old with an old Minolta rangefinder camera. I got into underwater photography when I started diving - MANY - years ago, and I still love it.


I place all my photographs under a Creative Commons Attribution (previously Attribution-ShareAlike) license, because I believe art of any kind is best when it is shared. I encourage other photographers to also use either an Attribution license as it will add to the exposure of your work at no cost to you. To live is to share: digital photos are non-rivalrous goods, much like flame, love, and appreciation. There are too many things in this digital world that are hoarded as if they were physical goods, and too many people unnecessarily complicate licenses with that ridiculous NonCommercial restriction. If ever humanity created something evil, it has to be NC (except in those rare cases where it serves a purpose). I upload several images of the same thing to give people who want to reuse my images a choice.


I am currently experimenting with generating mashups of freely shared data based only on lists of species. The ideas is to use a list and generate a basic guidebook for a group of species. You can check it out for South African birds at I have now added the capability to add any species list, and have included samples for mammals and plants. The SA mammal list should be complete in a day or two. Botanists hoard their data, so it is proving a little more difficult to get some good plant lists. I would be happy to receive feedback and suggestions on the species generator.


The licence I use for my photos permits and encourages commercial use, but if you need higher resolution versions of any of my photos for commercial use you can contact me. You DO NOT need to contact me for ANY use of my photos that are on Flickr, but of course I do appreciate a link to where you have used my photo. It is always nice to know, but it is not a requirement.

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