I'm Amy. I worked as a webmaster for a public library system for a long time, but have since moved over to a for-profit, supporting the same software.


I blather at domesticat.net and my aggregated linkblog is at solecist.net.


I make quilts. Geeky quilts.


I don't have a great, grand Statement of Purpose, just that I enjoy playing with a camera and sometimes I post things here.


This is what the view looks like from someone who is 5'1".


About the quilts:

I'm using flickr to document the quilts I'm working on.

All quilt sets, past and present: www.flickr.com/photos/domesticat/collections/721576141823...

Blog posts about the quilts: domesticat.net/quilts

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zippy yoke (deleted)

I've always loved your photos, and now I'm learning how to speak out about my love! :)

August 9, 2008