I take a bunch of pictures and do many things. It's real fun. Real cool.

  • JoinedJune 2004
  • Occupationhalf-ninja
  • HometownLos Angeles
  • Current cityLos Angeles
  • CountryUSA
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7-how-7 says:

mortals - behold hexod.us ! yes of course you know all that speeding bullet/kryptonite business - but kryptonite has no effect on this other planetary photo ninja - he not only shoots the ups and down and outs of L.A. in style - he is also a Banana wrangler and a founding father oh-so-special of the smns2k crew.

October 6, 2006

you must learn ninja techniques to evade hexod's cutting wit!

September 21, 2006
Vidalia says:

He's everywhere all the time as you can see from his photo stream! Hex is an Angeleno that actually takes time to document the things that most people will never see because they're too busy driving their SUV with one foot on the dash while chatting on their cell phone and trying to book manicure appointments.

May 8, 2006

Sharper than a Ginsu! More prolific than Elvis Costello! Able to see beauty where others can only stammer... Look! With the camera! It's Hexod.us!

February 6, 2006

Hexod is a stone-cold killer. That gold glock he chains on his neck ain't a clock for no reason. So step lightly negroe, he's got a big stick.

March 19, 2005
Innocent String (deleted)

Hexod knows his city, and through his pictures, so do we. His shots reveal the hidden gems of the urban landscape.

December 15, 2004