I've mostly converted to digital from film, since I'm lazy and can use film lenses anyway. Food, Flowers, Friends, Travel - that's most of it. Lots of events for work and church and other volunteering, though the work stuff is mostly in its own account and some of the volunteer stuff is too.


I also own and very rarely now use a variety of film cameras: a Nikon FM2 from the 80s, a Polaroid Land Camera 320 from the 70s, a Brownie Hawkeye Flash from the 50s/60s, and a Kodak No. 1-A Folding Pocket Special from the early 1900s. I'll be developing my film in the laundry sink until I can get my new bathroom fully installed.


Chemistry of choice: Photographer's Formulary Pyro PMK and Agfa Rodinal. I like experimenting with more stuff and wish I was taking enough black and white film to make it more efficient and informative.

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