I'm a web developer and artist who enjoys experimenting with digital art, photo processing and 3D applications. I also design scarves.


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My website, thedesignspace.net features web development solutions, tutorials, downloads and many freebies.


Creative Commons Photos

I have added Creative Commons licensing on all the photos that might be of interest to artists or bloggers. If you want to use one of my pictures but it doesn't have the right license yet, please contact me and I'll probably change it.


You can use the photos marked with Creative Commons but please include a link back to my Flickr page with the picture or a link to my site: thedesignspace.net.


A few months after I changed the licensing on all my public photos, I took a look back. WOW! People are using my pictures on all sorts of interesting sites. Here are some of the ones I know about:


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Museum Pictures

When I visit a museum I try to photograph some of the non-copyrighted works to make them available to web searches and for people who can't make it to that museum. I often also have an image of the information sign that goes with the object, so if you are interested, ask me. I don't have all of them, though.


Virtual Colorado Tour:

we took a trip around Colorado which took us through nearly every type of landscape Colorado has to offer. I documented some of it here.


A visit to the British Museum:

The British Museum, probably my favorite museum in the whole world, is a monument to curiosity, exploration and a refreshingly innocent nineteenth-century sense of national entitlement to the best the world has to offer.

british museum great court


A visit to Frederik Meijer Gardens

Grand Rapids is home to the beautiful Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park, which has a huge Chihuly exhibit this summer. I photographed a lot of it, but not nearly all.


Blue Moon


If you'd like to download the apophysis settings files for some of the fractals in my Fractal album, click here to grab them!


I've also made available some free Photoshop Brushes based on my Yellowstone photos Download the Yellowstone photoshop brushes here


While you're there, be sure to visit "A museum of my favorite artists"


I also run a club for owners of Parrot Cichlids, tropical fish that make great pets!

Visit parrotcichlid.com to post stories and questions about your fish.

Winston and Baby


And last but not least, I make digitally printed silk scarves based on my mandelbulb and flamepainter designs:




ellenm1 - View my most interesting photos on Flickriver


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