Some call it karma. I think of it as ...Farming. Reap what you sow.


Here, sowing thought-in-images meant to uncover conversations being spoken all around us by objects not-so-inanimate after all.


I shoot exclusively with a 1950 Kodak Brownie Hawkeye that I scoped from afar and then scooped for $5 in Nov 2003 at the daily sidewalk bazaar at 125th and Park Avenue in Harlem. Check it here (what an ill design!!!):


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Work References...


Upcoming... 2008 World Bank - Youth Innovation Fund grant winner - Teaching Artist. Photo Project in West Bank, Gaza.


interview: npr station wnyc, new york:



"...newcomer Eric Henderson stands out." The New Yorker 2005, HRLM Pictures, The Studio Museum in Harlem: 2 images 23"x23" shown in Group Exhibition. HRLM pictures includes works of James Van der Zee, Gordon Parks, and Dawoud Bey in an historical and contemporary look at Harlem NYC.


Studio Museum in Harlem - commissioned work "Beautiful Things In Harlem" Spring 2007 edition of "Studio" magazine ( ).


SMH Group Exhibit "hrlm:pictures" 2005


Featured Artist in Premiere issue of surf, music, art, lifestyle magazine: What A Duck! August/September 2007


Profile for gallery Canvas, Paper & Stone -


Teaching Artist for Global Arts Project in cooperation with OneWorld Now, Starbucks Corp, US Dept. of State, Amideast.

Exhibitions: 2007 Seattle Art Museum, 2007 Villa des Artes (Rabat, Morocco), 2006 Starbucks NYC (Union Square)


Dallas Morning News, profile:


Solo Exhibition, "Walk: A 1950 Kodak Brownie Finds Its Modern-Day Soul"


Feature story/profile in El Diario/La Prensa (nyc):


Works available via Suzanne Randolph Fine Arts (ny, ny)


Much peace.



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