Cowboy Poet Marries Science Poet.


Or, The Adventures of History Boy and Creature Girl.


We started this site to announce our engagement, and then something peculiar came over us. If you like, when you browse our collections, you can imagine you hear "Route 66" as performed by Depeche Mode. If you want.


Some of our photos are just snapshots to keep our (mostly bored by now) friends and family up to date with our noddings and gaddings and the antics of our scaly, feathery, and furry children.


Others are rather art-tastic.


Nearly all of them are spontaneous.


Our Flickr friends can view Leif's best work at JPG Magazine.


Here's our favorite set:

darling.clandestine - View my 'all this useless beauty' set on Flickriver

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Photos of Leif and Evonne


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berlyjen says:

Evonne and Leif are young, hip, cool, smart and sexy. They give the metaphor "Salt of the earth" truth. I feel fortunate to call them my friends.

July 30, 2008
SignFire says:

Evonne and Leif are great friends - true artists and intellectuals. I highly suggest enjoying their content at your leisure...

October 16, 2007