Used to work for Ford (hence 'exfordy') until I took early retirement. Hooray!


I was a faithful Canonite until I got my first digital camera - an Olympus C40Z - in 2002 but, as I had a few Canon lenses, I chose Canon for my first DSLR and have stayed with Canon since. Currently I have a 80D.


For years my photography was limited to recording places we visited but since I found Flickr and the amazing variety of photos from other people I have been enthused to try more frequent and diverse photography.


I welcome comments on my photos and endeavour to reciprocate. But I deplore groups which require 'post one / comment five' or, worse, 'post one / award or fave five' especially those which have gaudy flashing group 'award' graphics. (Thankfully I have a Greasemonkey script which changes all these irritants to only text.) A simple meaningful text comment gets lost amidst these and seldom gets a reply from the poster. I have almost stopped commenting where I see these abominations.


I appreciate being asked to add my photo to (most) pools but prefer the invite not to require me to join the group unless I want to.


Countries I have visited:

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