I'm an Australian living near Canberra, the federal capital.


The photos here are just snaps, I don't pretend to do anything other than capture something of what I've seen.


My first camera was a Kodak Instamatic which was fixed focus, fixed everything, maybe the aperture changed. I got a Petri FTEE camera in about 72 and that was a big improvement. Other cameras owned included a Pentax SP II, Ricoh PK compatible SLR and a few compact film cameras.


A Canon EOS630 bought in 89 was lost in a house burglary in 2001. It was replaced by a Canon A20 digital compact when that was a new and good camera, 2.1 Mp but a nice lens. Many shots from that camera are here.


In 2008 I got a used EOS 350D and that was a big improvement, I also bought a used 18-55mm IS lens which improves the hand held shots.


Many of my photos are from activities in Amateur Radio which is my main hobby.


I don't use any effects software on my photos, the vast majority are simply what was uploaded from the camera. Some have been cropped.


I have posted a few photos produced by effects software on the iphone, mainly Retrocamera and HDR. These are used for amusement as they all rely on the simple camera in the iphone 3GS, which is better than my 1968 Kodak but not by much.

Upgraded the iphone in 2014 to a 5S, which has a better camera lens and a rudimentary flash option.


Milepost: 200,000 picture views as of 15 May 2015.

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