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I love this gallery, the compositions, the excellent use of film and light. Eyetwist finds all this unusual, abandoned, and goofy stuff out there in the desert and ... voilà ... makes it look fantastic

May 1, 2018

Even if I don't shot same things, I find here the best pictures of SoCal. Thanks to you. I went to El mirage since I saw your pics. You're my best trip Advisor in Socal. And your shots always have this desert movie style I love. Good Job. Quality is always here. I wait for new discoveries. Thanks

December 4, 2014

best colours hands down

January 17, 2008

all killer, no filler. eyetwist is the man.

August 29, 2007
roasted baseball (deleted)

He's got a style unlike any others. How very inspiring & invigorating eyetwist's photos are!

July 25, 2007

Mean to say I didn't ever get around to writing one of these? Tsk, this is one of the most sustainably entertaining streams around. Hawaii on Tyne, why Eye! Mr Twist, it was such a pleasure working with you.

January 3, 2007