"The best way to predict the future is to invent it." - Alan Kay


Pulling oblique strands of genetic data from obsolete 1990s graphics software. Some of us know how this ends, that endings are beginning and beginnings are ending, and that we are here to document it, pixel by pixel.


Inspired by lo-fidelity artefacts, early computing, brutalist architecture, class systems, nuclear waste, technological isolation, microbiology, scientific breakthroughs, mutually assured human destruction, our imminent future. Evolving to approach DEATH of the old world with HOPE.


Reflected love back atchya.


F x


Video: www.youtube.com/user/smallbloodvessel/videos

Music: fibreman.bandcamp.com/

Twitter @thefibreman

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Excelente galeria, gracias por compartir estas extra├▒as y exoticas vivencias.

February 1, 2021