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I Live in the north west of the UK and take photographs of what I see, mainly on my weekend travels.


I try not to go too far into the unattractive, macho posturing of techno-speak when I am involved in photography but I am not techno-phobic either and like to explore, a little, the techniques and ideas used by fellow photographers. Taking photos is an enjoyable hobby for me so I try to avoid it becoming a chore of in depth study. (In the words of Bart Simpson: "Wait a minute, this game is educational" :throws controller)


I choose quite carefully the photos I put on-line. I tend to delete those that do not get a certain number of views within a month, to keep up quality.


I have a Fuji film S5700 and a Nikon D80 I have enjoyed using them both to provide a new quality in the pictures I am able to take. I really appreciate the added choices and the zoom lens over my previous Kodak point and shoot.



When I join groups it is usually those without too many rules


I have now reached:

- 48,386 views of my photostream.

-59,261 views of my galleries

-1,000,620 all time view counts.Over a million -hooray!

-74,426 was the highest number of view counts I received in one day (29/9/11)


I choose my contacts because I like their pictures, their style, their insight into a subject or because I appreciate what they have shared about a piece of their world which is special to them.


Here is a quote which reflects on my philosophy on the competitive world we have created for ourselves:

"Competition is a divisive but useful and sometimes necessary tool to ignite action amongst those who are motivated by greed and self interest. The rest of us can recognise that the contribution which we make in the world can benefit everyone".


Want to use a photo?


I love to see my photos in different places, it's great fun trying to spot where they are, so feel free to ask if you want to use one of my photos, the chances are I will say yes. I have a few out there already, on wikipedia and a school website and even on a prospectus. Getting people to let me know if they are using a photo makes it easier for me to find where they are too.


Please use the photos as your desktop wallpaper if you wish. You do not need to ask me about this, just leave a kind comment .


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