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In 2004 I (Gale McCullough) started this site because I was finding terrific identifying fluke photos on flickr, and thought by bringing these photos together in one place we could create a citizen based collection of known individual humpbacks.


Humpback whales can be identified by the various black and white patterns on the underside of their flukes.


Allied Whales to adopt


Often people go whale watching, take excellent fluke photo which would prove very useful for identification but are unaware of the photo's importance, and it ends up buried in their vacation album.


Others have been dedicated whale watchers for years and have kept track of the life histories of individuals, I am hoping that FLUKEMATCHER can gather this wonderful information in one place so it won't get lost.


Each whale has its own "page" and anything you have observed or photograph about that whale can be added to a comment on that page.


Very few of the photos in this account are mine. The majority were generously contributed by flickr members. I have uploaded them to the FLUKEMATCHER site and link them back to the photograph of the contributor.


We have well over 300 individuals on FLUKEMATCHER and perhaps you will be able to use it to identify a whale you have photographed, or find out more about that whale.


If you would like to be a contributor please let me know and I will explain in more detail how it works.


Three of us administer flickr site:


Gulf of Maine and Caribbean:

Gulf of Maine and Caribbean



Deb Young is in charge of Newfoundland/ Eastern Canada


flukematcher/yeimaya. Get yours at



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