Howdy folks,


I'm blessed with the typical Dutch name of Jeroen (English pronouciation: Yuh-roon, put the stress on the second syllable), and I'm born and raised in Amsterdam. A city built according to the 3 P's: on pot, prostitution and a sh*peep*load of poles.


But seriously, Amsterdam has more to offer than 2 of the previously mentioned P's that are mostly worldwide known, and that's what I'd like to show in my photostream.


Apart from that, I'm seeing places, so you'll also see pictures taken by me in other parts of the Netherlands (so for the love of Bigfoot: not just Holland, people!), but also abroad. And I pretty much do the same business over there as I'm doing in Amsterdam.


As it's not that easy to describe what my business is, photography-wise, I'd say just go and check out my photostream. After all, it's true what they say about pictures generally telling more than 1000 words.


I'm a fairly laid back kind of guy, yet even this hombre has a game rule or 2. I'm grateful for all of your comments, but please keep it down with the fancy, shiny, blinky, glittery, cute-but-oh-so-friggin-annoying group logos.


And I understand that you'd like to tell the entire world about your work, but sending me private messages about whether you have a picture that might be interesting for me to see definitely isn't the way to get me to your photostream, capisce?

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