The love for nature the exciting closeness to the chromatic shapes of life in all its form,the stormy charm of uncontamined places where you can breathe the silence,take long walks in the enchantment of the sunset or in the trick of light at down,when everything is about to be reawakened; all this represented something absolutely necessary in my love for photography as a means to reveal the beauty and seduction of the places I have seen. I have searched for those places carefully observing them with great astonishment, sometimes they were hidden behind the fog or they were still under the intense cold of winter.

Digital photography has represented for me the main means of expression and knowledge of the landscape,studied with lure and artistic inclination thanks to tecnology and know-how of course. Experiencing a sensation through an image is like breathing the power of nature whitch I hope to give to those who will write the book of life in all Its real shade.


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