While reading a lot about photograhpy manuals, guides, tips, tricks, do and don'ts I found Photosig.com and Flickr.com a useful tool to discover the world (of photography).


Looking at beautiful photos I try to learn from it and hopefully apply this someday on one of my photos.


Currently I mostly shoot family photos and due to my job not really in the position of spending a lot of time on photoshoots... but meanwhile checking out your photos and enjoying every pixel of it.


My wife is getting more and more into cake decoration as you might have noticed. As appreciation to her hard work we share her work on the Internet on both Flick and our family site.

She takes a lot of inspirations out of people who publish their cupcakes and cakes on the Net as well.


If you reading this because I favored one of your photos, thanks for sharing. If I added you to the contact list thanks for your sharing your work!! I am keeping an eye out to your new work.


If you noticed I have blocked you from adding my photos to your favorites or you cannot comment any longer, this is the reason why. Flickr is a great resource to get inspired for sharing photos. This means I also expect a bit of respect towards the photos and the models on those photos. Not sharing your photos is a pity for the community. Therefore I chose to block those who only add my photos for their own grief without sharing your photos. I also block when I believe the models on the photos are embedded in a favorites list where I feel they do not belong too.

My apologies if I have been unfair towards your block.


spaan.ferry. Get yours at bighugelabs.com


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View my photos at bighugelabs.com


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