Developed an interest in photography at age four when my newborn brother brought me a Fisher Price Polaroid toy camera from the hospital. As a child I played photographer using my grandfather's Kodak Brownie camera, which I have now. Became seriously interested at age 12 when I started taking photos with my father's AE-1. In middle school I took a class by Mr. Hook called photographic techniques. Since then I have tried other hobbies and occupations. I always seem to come back to photography. I feel almost compelled to make images. Hope you enjoy my photos as much as I do.


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I have decided that CC is best for my work, so if you choose to use a picture/image of mine please link back to the photo's page on Flickr and/or credit the image to me (Michael Glasgow) - Thank you.


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++If you do not have any photos available I will block you++

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