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I have been a keen UK birder since my early teens. I also trained as a ringer with the British Trust for Ornithology and still hold my permit which I obtained when I was 18. I married Evie in 1974. She is a keen birder but also enjoys plants, general photography and travelling. I have visited many countries for birding and also for wildlife photography. During 2010 this included several trips within the EEC as well as Argentina, India, New Zealand, Japan and several Islands in the Western Pacific. During 2011 we visited Southern Morocco in February then from mid-March, Antarctica and isolated islands in the Atlantic including South Georgia , Gough, St Helena, Ascension, Cape Verde and finally Madeira in mid-May. During November 2011 I visited Ethiopia and in February 2012 peninsular and northern Thailand. Then we were on private trips to France in June and Bolivia in August and September. In January and February 2013 we were staying with friends in Goa for the first month while in February we explored Assam and Arunachal Pradesh in the NE. In July-August we met up with Charley, Ronell, and Felix Hesse in Kwazulu-Natal followed by a month travelling through south and central Mozambique,eastern Zimbabwe before some R&R in The Kruger National Park.

In April 2014 I visit Northern Territories, Hong Kong & Taiwan, the latter primarily to see the endemics. I am currently adding images of the birds, Herps., Insects and habitats to new folders. I hope to have this finished before Evie and I leave for Colombia for an endemic bird trip in June and July.

When I have the time I am adding images to NBC, OBC & AFC sites. A number from SA have been added by Cornell to their Neotropical site over the last year.

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