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Hello and thanks for dropping in. There's more about me on my website: Breakfast in America.


Unfortunately, criminals are stealing and using my pictures online in 'Romance Scams'. If you are a victim you can read about these scams here.


I live in Springfield Missouri, and I'm Married to the wonderful Ginger. I use Flickr for sharing my pictures with friends and family.


Notes -- a.k.a. the small print


In an ideal world I wouldn't need to say this, but apparently I do, so, here goes.




Click here for information about using my pictures. Using images (or text) without permission is stealing and bad for your karma, so don’t do it.


You Will Be Blocked

If you add me as a contact, or favorite one of my pictures and you don't have any visible content on your photostream, or you don't have a buddy icon, or I consider your content or favorites in any way inappropriate.

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May 26, 2010