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"Some won't appreciate what you say or do, but as long as you speak honestly from the heart and let them see who you really are, you'll be fine. This is not a perfect world; this is not a perfect life. so live life the way you want 'coz no matter what you do, people would never run out of something to say against you.."


--Simple, fun and adventurous. A loving wife and dedicated mother. My family is the best thing I have. What more could I ask? I'm so blessed! ♥ ♥ ♥


--I'm just capturing the moments of my family, that's all.





My kids & Daddy

Epitome of Fatherhood


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Kumusta na dinha dai Haze...?

August 12, 2009

hello gwapa, daghan kaayo salamat sa pag-add ha?.... ako ni sama sa takna ug lugar-stationan diay to....heheheh bitaw, haze thanks for adding me...... tsuppppp

September 17, 2008