I'm Hilde. I'm a web developer.

I like taking photos. I find it hard to see new and amazing subjects in my everyday life. Good thing I once drove through Zzyzx, California:


Mighty clouds in mighty landscape


This is not my everyday life.


UPDATE 2014: Flickr used to be a huge part of my Internet life - I shot and uploaded photos almost daily. Now, I'm a busy mother of two, and hardly find time to shoot anything but random Instagram snapshots of my everyday life. Still, I owe a lot to Flickr, and will keep my profile here in memory of those good old days.


(Yes, I want people to view my stream. Yes, I love it when you leave a comment. I'm truly honored when you place a fav on one of my photos. But forgive me for deleting generic comments which consists of nothing more than blinking logos and links to the "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious pool - Invited photos only, comment on 15, leave 8 garish logos and no constructive comments" group.. It's not personal.)

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