I am a creative gal who loves to hang out with my family and friends and do art out in nature. I studied in Philadelphia at Moore College of Art and Design and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Textile Design. I have a wonderful other half of me, Tara Herberger, who is my twin sister and one of my favorite artist! She gets me into all of this computer savoy stuff and has supported me in getting this cool page together!!!!

I live in Germany and spend a good amount of time making felted props for my special children seminars involving felt making through English storytelling.

I also enjoy showing adult groups how to dye silk and wool with an ancient resist method know in Japan as shibori. I love to combine textiles into felting which is referred to as Nuno Felting ...yet another Japanese word meaning fiber with felt.

My specialty is making puppets and funny figures with the needle felt in combination with the wet felting techniques.


I have my Schedule of Events up on my personal web site and it shows where my felting events for 2021 will be!



If you are interested to see my twin sister's work, have a look at:



If you speak German, here are some other web sites that I am involved with: www.filznetztwerk.de


My kids and husband love to share summer adventures with me in Wooster Ohio on our big blueberry farm. We love the farm life and like to travel too while in the USA ! I love the Amish community which lives around us in the area of Wayne County Ohio and since I have learned German, I can actually sort of talk to them! They have a southern German dialect and I speak that dialect called Schwaebisch, so I can make out a good 75 percent of Pennsylvania Dutsch! Cool

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  • JoinedJanuary 2007
  • OccupationTextile Designer and Teacher
  • HometownWooster, OH and Fellbach Germany
  • Current cityFellbach
  • CountryGermany
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January 23, 2007