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My recent letter to Sarah Palin:

Dear Sarah Palin,

I would like to take this moment to share with you a few of my thoughts...

Generations upon generations have passed down sexism from mother to daughter, Father to son, Grandparents to grandchildren, strangers to strangers, and many of the combinations in between. As women, we stand today in a world that still struggles to take us seriously. We are paid less and in most situations more is expected of us for less than equal amounts to what one expects from a man. That said, we have fought long and hard for what we have achieved and we have come a long way. I have watched you grow since your Vice Presidential nomination during the 2008 Presidential campaign and I, as a woman, am disheartened. There is a stereotype that haunts women throughout their personal and professional relationships. That stereotype describes a woman who is willingly ignorant, a woman who cries victim as her first defense, a woman who relies on her flirty winks, smiles, and flips of hair to smooth over her lack of substance, a woman who resorts to petty high school politics to achieve what she feels she deserves, A woman who would rather be given achievement rather than to have earned it on her own, and lastly a woman who believes that strength and power are loud and vicious traits. I mention this stereotype because if I were to judge you by the majority of your actions I would say that this stereotype tends to be your default. While I would not imply that you have not or are unable to break the barriers of this description from time to time, I am offended that you so willingly and so often choose these traits as your first line of defence. As a woman, I feel sorrow for all the reasons that you never learned how to be a better person... a better woman. As women, our powers lie within the substance of our persuasions rather than our abilities to manipulate simply because we know we can. As women, we are uniquely talented at recognizing the nuance in any given situation which gives us vast powers of tolerance. You have gained great power of recognition and yet you have nothing to offer the world. You continue to cut and divide the world around you, leaving little space for a better world as the result of your efforts. I write this these words to you today to let you know that I see you. You are an example of a woman but you are not the best example and you are quite possibly a glaring example of all the worst traits combined. I write you these words to condemn you and the example that you set for the female world that views you. As a whole, we are better than your limited perception have thus far allowed yourself to see.


Diane DiDonato


About me:

I always have a camera with me

I love street art

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I like to organize things

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I write

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