Photography gives me a good balance to my current job.

I had my first experience with photography with a pocket film camera, which I received being around 9 years old. My initial start was with a DSLR from Konica Minolta. Just seeing Minolta leaving the market two months later. So I stick today with Sony as the Minolta lenses work on the Sony Alpha. I have already switched over to mainly working with mirrorless cameras like the A7 from Sony or as travel camera a Fuji X100.


I have done so far three 365 projects: One was on exploring the Bokeh, the other was about motion and move, the third was about time: "8 PM". Both were challenging: initially to master the topic, but also to keep it up for one year.


I have published my book "Zürichs Telefonkabinenen auf der Spur " in November 2015. You can buy it over my web site or different book stores in the city of Zürich.


My main focus is around motion, public transport, the night and the area, where I live in.

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