I'm a straight male-to-female crossdresser. I'm happily married and have two wonderful children. I'm not interested in dating men or women (see "straight" and "happily married" above), but would like to make friends with others who have similar interests or are legitimately interested in learning about crossdressers.


If you are visiting my stream for the first time, I recommend that you check out the "Fan Favorites" album.


I hold the copyright to all of my photos. Using these photos in any form of publication (book, magazine, web site, etc.) without my express written permission is a violation of the law.

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Jamie can do the looks I love so well, sexy cheerleader, Playboy bunny, sophisticated upper class lady xxxx

September 10, 2019

Such a fantastic set of photos Jamie. I particularly like the professional studio ones the best. Keep up the excellent work honey. ❤️

April 19, 2018