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Please continue to be the good global citizen you already are and contact me via Flickr mail if you want to use any of my pictures for any purpose. If you are a non-profit (either formally or informally), you'll more than likely get permission. lf you are a photo editor for a mega media corp, I suspect you likely have a budget to work with, right?


You can find me pretty easily on the internets and in the real world.

I contribute articles and pics to Three Imaginary Girls, and contribute to articles and such on Capitol Hill Seattle. I also am part of a team who organizes the monthly Capitol Hill Arts Walk.


I have a dormant blog, but I stopped updating it regularly quite a while ago. Twitter has become my default outbound channel. JeanineA.



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Fuzzy Afterthought (deleted)

Jeanine always has a smile on her face, and is always super stoked to be out among friends!

April 9, 2008