Hi...My name is Jon Dawson. I like to travel when I get a chance and even just drive around to find photo opportunities. I particularly like to capture the many towns and cities that weave the fabric of SW Pennsylvania and elsewhere. I also have been taking an interest in capturing highway signs and road scenes.


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November 2008: Savannah, GA featured on the Savannah travel guide on www.happytellus.com/savannah/united-states-of-america


November 2008: Cokeburg, PA featured on Coalfields of the Appalachian Mountains


January 2009: Edgewater Hotel featured on Schmap Seattle Guide Edgewater Hotel slideshow


January 2009: Pike Place Market featured on Schmap Seattle Guide Pike Place Market slideshow


February 2009: St. Johns River featured on Schmap Jacksonville Guide Huguenot Memorial Park slideshow


February 2009: Southernmost Hotel in the USA featured on Schmap Florida Keys Guide Southernmost House Grand Hotel slideshow


February 2009:


March 2009: The Pens featured on Only in Pittsburgh for March 22, 2009


April 2009: Statue of Liberty featured on Authentic Journeys website


April 2009: Ziggy featured on Purina Pet Charts for April 29, 2009


May 2009: Keeping Guard featured on Purina Pet Charts for May 4, 2009


May 2009: Sidney Crosby featured on My Sports Fan Life


May 2009: Ian Snell featured on Raise the Jolly Roger for May 28, 2009


May 2009: Tattoos featured on Celtic Tattoos


May 2009: Mellon Arena featured on Only in Pittsburgh for May 30, 2009


June 2009: Rain is Stupid!!! featured on Raise the Jolly Roger for June 3, 2009


June 2009: Cleveland featured on Truth About It

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