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Tourists and locals in Marrakech


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email - My email address is my first and last name (leave out the middle name)




If you use Flickr's email system to reach me, I probably won't notice your message.


Judeo-Christian glimpse in Cimetière du Père-Lachaise


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Before contacting me about whether you can use a photo, please check the Creative Commons license on that particular photo. You are free to use any photo within the legal requirements of that license. If you would like to use the photo but feel that you're restricted by the license, just ask me about this and I might be able to change it for you. If you use one of my photos, please attribute it to "John Althouse Cohen" and link to the Flickr photo page (the URL should start with "").


I always enjoy getting links to webpages (blog posts, etc.) that have gotten some use out of my photos. If you email me a link, I'll include it in the photo caption.


On the way to see Of Montreal

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