I'm a web developer, a techie, a geek and media junkie, a Montrealer and one of 2 Fat Dads. I blog on a semi-regular basis over at JohnnyLeCanuck.com and 2fatdads.com. I also like to take pictures. Come one over to see these pictures in their full context and read why I love this Flickr Pro account so much.


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I've always loved photography mainly because I secretly want to be Peter Parker. Which is also explains why I took up rock climbing. I am pretty sure I've always had a camera, but I do remember stealing my dad's Minolta on occasion before I could actually buy my own 3mm point and shoot.


My first real SLR camera was my uncle's Pentax K1000 which got me through a couple of photography courses in College and University. It also served me very well in my early web life. I took all the pictures of my first daughter with it and only retired it when film got too expensive and too time consuming. My second daughter's life has been captured almost entirely with a Fuji S5000 which met with an unfortunate camping incident this past summer and is only good for "camera tossing" now. Which brings me to my newest weapon of optical destruction, the Pentax K200d. It uses all the old K1000 manual lenses I still have and will be awesome for taking far too many pictures of the twins. It's been a steep learning curve, but I think that the 800 pics shot over the holidays and my ongoing obsession with the 365 day project should be enough to get me back in the groove.


I'm pretty much driven by my need to Get Out into The Great White North and exploring this Planet ERF.

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