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I am a department manager for Ford Motor Company in their IT infrastructure department. My team is responsible for operating Ford's global network, telephony, web conferencing, and video conferencing solutions. I have team members in both the UK, Germany & Chennai.


I started this Flickr site after a 3 week work related trip to Chennai, India, in February of 2007. Since then, I've used the website to chronicle (photographically speaking) many of the family activities of the past year. I've got photos from such far flung places as Chennai, Delhi, Agra (the home of the Taj Mahal), and Kanchipuram in India. I've also got photos from Frankfurt, Germany and Niagara, Ontario, Canada, and Singapore as well as other less exotic locations in the United States.


Most of the other photos on the site are of family and friends and are near home My wife and I have been married since 1989 and we have a daughter (Lindsay) who is 13 years old and a son (Joseph) who is 18 years old.


See below for maps showing places that I've visited.


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