My name is James St. John. I'm a geologist and paleontologist at Ohio State University, Newark campus.


My university e-mail is "stjohn.2" at "". As of mid-July 2020, the computer nerds at my university (booooo) started blocking e-mail access for people who do not have handheld doohickeys (like myself). So, my back-up (user-unfriendly) e-mail address will have to do: "jsj1771" at "".


Because flickr is still hiding access to collections (booooooo), here is the link:


My geology website and back-up site are at:



My geology videos are at:



The appearance of most photos posted here from early 2015-onward was optimized on a MacBook Pro computer screen. Since April 2019, photos were optimized using a MacBook Air computer screen.


All of the geology & biology photos and write-ups here are intended to be of educational and scientific/academic value. Photos and write-ups may be used by anyone, anywhere, for any non-harmful purpose (that means no creationism or any other pseudoscientific nonsense & no irrational fear-mongering or other conspiracy theory nutjob ideas), for free, forever. I now know of at least nine instances of creationists using my photos to push their ridiculous woo-woo (this includes the intelligent design creationists of the Discovery Institute in Washington State & the so-called "evolutionary creationists" of Biologos). ATTENTION creationists & other dishonest dumbbells: my photos may NOT be used to push your harmful crud. ATTENTION "History" Channel and other chowderheads: my photos may NOT be used to push ancient alien garbage in your fake documentaries.


You don't have to ask me for permission to use stuff, but it would be nice if you'd let me know about it, if possible. Please don't purposefully misrepresent any of these photos or videos (that includes putting your own copyright on them if you post them elsewhere - I don't claim anything on these, but no one else can either; this also includes putting digital watermarks on my photos if you post them elsewhere - don't do that). Reasoned corrections or clarifications are welcome. Unfounded assertions are not welcome - please provide evidence.


All write-ups are my syntheses from the geologic literature and/or personal experiences and observations. Non-personally obtained info. comes from references that are cited in many of my photo captions, but not all of them. It hasn't been feasible to always keep track of the hundreds and hundreds of specific references from which info. is derived. Simple searches of the geologic literature (e.g., use GeoRef) will provide most of the same references I used.


My mailing address is:


James St. John

1179 University Drive

Ohio State University at Newark

Newark, Ohio 43055 USA

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