I live and breathe projects and creativity. I work on projects which will improve the world. Taking ideas and making them real has always been a huge part of what gives life meaning for me.


I'm a photographer, illustrator, project manager, and geek. I love collaborating with genius friends.


I created the book: The People of Burning Man


Oh ya, and to see my photography, peek at...








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  • JoinedJune 2007
  • Occupationgeek, project manager, do-gooder
  • HometownWoodstock, NY
  • Current citySan Fancisco
  • CountryUSA
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How can I favorite all of Julian's beautiful portraits? He is an entirely original portrait photographer with a keen eye.

April 22, 2008
Ken Coar says:

Julian's enthusiasm and _joie de vivre_ is matched by only two other people that I've met in more than forty years. Just being near him is refreshing to the spirit, and enlightening (not to mention amusing) to the intellect.

July 11, 2007

Julian took the only portrait I voluntarily hand over when someone needs a headshot. He does great work and really captures the personality of his subjects.

July 9, 2007