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I’ve read lots of comments, blog posts and forum topics about my photographs, whether I use photoshop or not, and should photoshop be used at all. It’s an honest question, but, as far as I’m concern, I had a goal to use photography as ‘prima materia’, a base, and through editing create a fusion of reality and vision.


I am not a photo reporter, so I don’t feel obligated to honour every detail. What I’m trying to achieve is to emphasize the whole potential of a shot, creating a sight that I'd like if existed.. And since it’s impossible in real life, I do it in virtual :) My work is maybe more similar to ‘photo-painting’ than photography.


Join me! After all, there is a reality of everything you imagine :) If you had recognised my work, than we share the same vision, and they are yours as much as they are mine!

It’s a harmless illusion – your personal, real life reality is only a click away... :) :) :)


You can see some of my most popular photographs in my Dreamland set - OR


I use Nikon F 401S and Nikon F80 - analogue cameras


AF Nikkor 18-35mm 1:3.5-4.5D

AF Nikkor 70-300mm 1:4-5.6D

Kodak Ektar 100 Professional


I use vertorama frequently..


| really liked the presentation of my photos on and


Thank you!! :)))


Mozaik I - 1


1) A new day 2) Sky arc II 3) Blonde 4) I had to do it, too 5) Butterfly wings 6) Paths 7) Dream world 8) Home sweet home 9) Field of joy 10) Finished work 11) 13 10 12) Green velvet 13) Green wave 14) Idyllic too 15) Rendezvous


Mozaik I - 2


1) London eye 2) Over the mountains and the sea 3) Pannonian sea 4) I'll be oil when I grow up 5) I'm in love with this place 6) Begining 7) Smaragdine field 8) Somewhere far beyond 9) Spring fields 10) Summer landscape 11) Time to go home 12) Vineyards 13) White flock 14) Yellow army 15) Yellow ribbon


An idea - What you could do with your photos.. :)


Hospitals... an idea...:)


For bigger size - click on the mosaic, and then on the "all size" icon above the photo


This is a brief photo report on installing an exhibition at a hospital in Belgrade (details below)- before and after. Photographs are also to be found in the patients’ rooms; however to respect patients’ privacy we’ve shown only the photographs in the hallways.


Ovo je mala foto-reportaza o postavljanju izlozbe u bolnici u Beogradu (detalji ispod), od pocetka do kraja montaze. Fotografije se nalaze i u svim bolnickim sobama; postujuci pravo na privatnost bolesnika, fotografisali smo samo hodnike.


(Srpska verzija nalazi se ispod teksta na engleskom jeziku)


Welcome to our Project ‘Travelling Together’!


The initial stage of our project has been completed by exhibiting around 200 photographs in the GAK “Narodni Front” Women Hospital and Maternity Ward in Belgrade, in November 2006. The second stage took place in mid-May this year when we’ve expanded the project by exhibiting over 100 photographs at the Post-Cardiology Department 1&2 of the Emergency Centre of Serbia.


Also, at the Orthopaedia & Traumathology ward (the Emergency Center of Serbia), we exhibited about 200 photographs in 2007.


Our aim was to accomplish two goals by employing the same means. Firstly, to create a permanent exhibition of photographs from around the World. Secondly, and more importantly, the photographs on display were carefully selected to visually enhance the hospital space and make everyone's stay more pleasant. All the works were donated and are thus the permanent property of the hospital.


We hope that the Project will continue, if the circumstance allow it.

Alongside my photographs, the Project is realized with the help of Ana Stefanovic; you can see her photographs on her flickr page


Please feel free to leave comments for individual

photos, or for a slideshow click here .


This is the Project logo, and it is located in a hallway of every hospital that we exhibited in.


„Akcija – Putujemo zajedno (Project - Travelling Together)“ Photographers: Katarina & Ana Stefanovic

Graphic editing: Marko Pizurica

Framing: Dragana Gavranovic

Photo printing: Agfa Photo

Sponsor: EUCOM





Dobro dosli!


Prvi deo akcije smo priveli kraju u novembru 2006. godine u bolnici GAK “Narodni Front” u Beogradu, gde smo izlozili oko 200 fotografija. Sredinom maja 2007. godine smo realizovali i drugi deo akcije i tom prilikom smo opremili zidove Post-kardialnog 1 i 2 odeljenja u Urgentnom centru Srbije sa preko 100 fotografija.


2007. godine, na odeljenju Traumatologije i Ortopedije - takodje u Urgentnom centru Srbije, izlozeno je oko 200 fotografija.


Ideja je da se sa istim naporom i sredstvima ostvare dve namere: specifician vid stalne izlozbe putopisnih fotografija uz istovremenu humanizaciju bolnickog prostora. Kadrovi su birani u skladu sa ambijentom kojem su i namenjeni. Sve slike smo donirali i one su na taj nacin postale vlasnistvo bolnica.


Nadamo se da ce se Akcija nastaviti ako to okolnosti dozvole.


Na ovom sajtu mozete pregledati fotografije pojedinacno i ostaviti vase utiske.

Za slideshow kliknite ovde


Ucesnici akcije:


Photographers: Katarina & Ana Stefanović

Graphic editing: Marko Pižurica

Framing: Dragana Gavranović

Photo printing: Agfa Color Photo

Sponsor: EUCOM



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