Hello! I'm Kake. Most of the photos I take are for the Randomness Guide to London or the Completists' Guide to Croydon. I sometimes take photos of food as well. And trees. And people. I used to write a blog about learning to read Chinese menus, so some of my photos are in aid of that, too.


Note to people who want to use my photos: I'm not currently releasing my photos for any uses other than those covered under the attribution non-commercial sharealike Creative Commons licence.


Note to contacts: If you're wondering why you're a "friend" rather than just a "contact", it's because I never used those categories consistently anyway, and I don't post enough friends-only photos to find the distinction useful, so now you're all friends.


Note to random commenters: I'm not particularly interested in providing you with a platform to tell the world your grievances with a particular pub/restaurant/shop/whatever. Health and safety issues such as suspected food poisoning should be reported to the relevant local council. If you just want to have a rant then there are plenty of "user review" websites that are desperate for you to provide them with content.


To be explicit: Please don't submit your pub/restaurant/cafe "reviews" as comments to my photos.


My photos of specific people are All Rights Reserved. If one of these photos is of you (and you alone), then you have my permission to do anything you like with it, including releasing it under a Creative Commons licence or putting it in the public domain.


I like getting email: kake@earth.li

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