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Catching Rays


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View of the Atlantic From El Morro

Received a perfect score of 50/50 from flickr's "Score Me!" group.


Published photos:


Endless Rows of Graves at Arlington National Cemetery

Used as the cover of the book On Hallowed Ground: The Story of Arlington National Cemetery by Robert M. Poole.


Plaza Del Quinto Centenario

Featured in the book Del Patrimonio Artístico al Museo de Arte by Adlin Ríos Rigau


Local Honey

Flavor Magazine, Fall, 2008


Restaurant at the Stone House Hotel in Lamu, Kenya

Афиша-Мир Travel and Lifestyle Magazine (Russia), 2009


Academic and non-profit use:


Great Falls Submerged After Hurricane Sandy

Included in University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science report on the ecological impacts of Hurricane Sandy on Chesapeake Bay


Lao Dancer at Wat Lao Buddhavong Songkran Festival

Used as the title photo for the short film Lao Folktales - Lao New Year Nang Sangkaan


United States Marine Corps War Memorial

Featured in the short film America Comes of Age - Iwo Jima


Stock photography:


Boats Along a Canal in Fort Lauderdale

Original edit licensed to Penraven, Inc.

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"Anyone can take a picture and to a degree, accurately capture what the scene looks like. But an artist such as Kevin Borland can make the pictures truly come alive. Kevin has many, many amazing shots, but it's his post processing that sets him apart from anyone else."

August 18, 2008