When I, Hans Smulders, retired in 2010 I picked up my hobby photography. I lived for many years in the neighborhood of the national Park 'De Groote Peel' in the South of the Netherlands. So it was no surprise I spend a lot of time with my photo equipment in that park. It was my partner Danielle who encouraged me to publish my photos in a book. End 2011 my first book 'De Groote Peel en jezelf tegenkomen' (The Groote Peel and meet yourself) was published. Since we travelled many times to Bali, Indonesia, we, Danielle and our friends Auke and Monique, decided to publish a second book about life on East Bali. This photo book 'Door Bali geboeid' ( Fascinated by Bali) was published in 2014.

My third photo book, produced with the help of my friend Phlip handels about wildlife in National Park 'De Groote Peel'. This book, 'De Groote Peel in vogelvlucht' ( The Groote Peel in a bird's-eye view) is still for sale.

In 2018 and 2019 Phlip and I were working on a photo book about the wildlife in Leudal. A forest area, where we live, cut through by three small rivers. The book was published in September 27th 2019.

From 2019 I am traveling frequently to the Caribbean island Bonaire. The wildlife photos I shoot there are and will be donated to the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance and to the Dutch Caribbean Species Register.

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