**update** Just wanted to explain the background behind my photostream overflowing with photos from Central America. We are currently serving a three year mission for our church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in San Pedro Sula Honduras. We are overseeing a large group of young missionaries numbering 150-225, assisting with their general health, welfare and well being, in addition to providing teaching and training for them as they volunteer their time and talents as representatives of the Savior, Jesus Christ amongst the people of Honduras. And now . . . back to the ranch . . .


A photographer, writer of thoughts, blogger, mom and granny mum.


Photographs take all the creative thoughts that are bubbling up inside my head and allow me to capture them in an art form. Photography is my art form and my photographs are my art. I like to think that my photographs tell a story of who I am.


Photos to me are little gift of inspiration each day; a small challenge and hopefully a new way of looking at things - through your eyes, through the lens, to the world. I am a believer that with even one insight, the gentlest nudge, an encouraging word, or a small shift in perspective we become better. Better photographers, better artists, better writers . . . just better.


Now to some rules about my photos. I don't have anything against nude pictures as far as it is not porn, I'm not interested in that. If you have porn, I will block you. I like open and honest people. So if you don't have any profile, any buddy icon, no pictures, I will block you too.

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