Photography is a hobby and a passion, of mine, and I'm FAR from being a "pro" at it!. I just wish the camera could capture exactly, the beauty that the eye sees! Sometimes it's a close representation, other times ... it doesn't even come close. But, I continue, hoping to become better with each shot! :0)


I was, for about about a year, a photographer for a local Car Dealership, taking photos of their vehicles to put up on online auctions. I got pretty good at taking photos of those! That's probably where I excel the most, when it comes to photography.


I prefer nature shots though. Photos of ... landscapes, waterscapes, skyscapes, sunrises, sunsets, flora & fauna. I also enjoy photographing old structures ... houses, barns, city buildings, sheds, outbuildings.


I'll photograph animals, if I can get them to co-operate ;0) I think my dogs, Bella, Millie and Bessie hate it when I bring out the camera in their presence. They usually run and hide! LOL


People .... well, I'm not very proficient at taking photos of people, just yet ... sometimes they turn out good, sometimes not .... but I'm trying to learn, and become better at it. :0)


Thanks for peekin, and thanks to every one for all the kind comments! :0)


Have a SUPERIFFIC day!


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