Photostream: the whole story, in my own words, omitting no detail however slight, is that in September of 2003, I chanced upon a soldier's blog, who was stationed in Iraq. His nom de guerre was: Chief Wiggles, and one day, quite by accident, stricken by the sight of a crying child, he ran back to his office grabbed a few insignificant items, ran back and handed them to her, and was absolutely stunned and amazed by her ecstatic reaction. It struck a chord among lots of Americans and soon he was inundated with truck loads of donations. I was among those whose chord had been plucked and began buying toys and what not and sending them to him. Which eventually led to taking photos of some of the toys which led to Flickr which led to the idea that I should flesh out the one-ended toy story.


As I'm partial to stories with happy endings, the selected photos are complimentary to that theme, i.e. happy children and soldiers with a gratuitous flashy hurricane or dolphin thrown in for spice.


I'm an infidel, apostate and believe liberty, freedom and happiness are worth fighting for.

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