A bit about me:

I'm a public policy graduate student at Georgia Tech, specializing in computing policy, which involves issues such as privacy, information security, human-computer interaction, internet governance and a number of other things. Perhaps as a result, I'm probably more involved with College of Computing and GTACM activities more than events in my own department, and many of my photo sets are a testament to that.


I'm a really big nerd. I go to conventions, I wear costumes in public on days other than Halloween, my friends and I make big social events out of watching Star Trek, and I practically live on my computer. There is nothing wrong with any of this, and I challenge any of you to argue otherwise (especially since my nerdiness netted me a gift Flickr Pro account for participating in a coding marathon).


About my cameras:

Photography has been a hobby of mine since I was about 11. I got my first quality camera for my 12th birthday, a 35mm Fuji Discovery 1000, which I used until my freshman year of college. I still have it, and it still works, but I started to make the transition to digital when I got a Sony Cybershot DSC-P51 for my 17th birthday, though about a year and a half later it was stolen (by the venue staff at a concert I was supposedly authorized to photograph as a member of the press, no less), and I replaced it with a DSC-P72. I shot with that, and occasionally with my boyfriend's Canon Powershot A95 until mid-2008, when I got my first DSLR, a Canon 450D, which is currently my primary camera. I still occasionally shoot with the Sony or the A95 if my 450D is just too big to bring along (the 450D is a small DSLR, but it's still not always convenient).


A general note about my photos:

Most of my sets from events are uploaded as-is, with no post-processing. I do this so that I can get them up in a timely manner. I used to post-process all of my sets (so many older event sets have been post-processed), but then it took weeks for me to get sets up from events where I took a lot of pictures, and I started taking fewer pictures as a result so I wouldn't have to edit as many later. That obviously was counterproductive, so I just stopped post-processing my event sets. I now generally only do post-processing on artistic sets, photo shoots and commissioned work.



I license nearly all of my photos under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike (CC-by-sa) licenses. This means that you may use my photos free of charge provided that:


1. I am properly credited as the author of the photo.

2. If the photo is used online in a blog or as stock art, you link back to the Flickr page for the photo.

3. The publication that includes my photo is also released under CC-by-sa or a compatible free license.


If your intended use of my photography does not meet the above conditions, contact me, and I can work out an individual licencing agreement with you for the image(s) you want to use. Generally, if your intended use is noncommercial in nature, I'll have no problem with your using my photos free of charge, but please contact me first if you think the intended use may not conform to CC-by-sa.


If your intended use is commercial in nature and is not compatible with CC-by-sa, I will charge a nominal fee for use of my images. This fee is highly negotiable. Contact me and either make an offer or ask me for a quote, and we can work from there to come to an agreement on a fair price.

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