I am a pediarician and hematologist. But I practice in a town in middle Taiwan now. I love photograph especially insects and flower macro.

  • JoinedMay 2005
  • OccupationPdiatrician
  • Current cityTaichaung
  • CountryTaiwan


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The first time I ever got on Flickr I found Leemt2. I have seen hundreds and hundreds of other photgraphers work now, but I keep coming back to Leemt2's . Each photo seems more beautiful than the last. Each one is breathtaking. When I am finished looking, I am always inspired, happy, and at peace with the world.

September 1, 2005
Fantastical Snails (deleted)

I enjoy Leemt2's insect and macro photographs enormously and always check to see what new pictures are being posted. Just wonderful and very inspiring. When I can afford an SLR I hope I can come close to these images

July 10, 2005